The freshest natural ingredients, cooked in the traditional Indian way.

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How we cook

Indian food is all about tradition.

My Curry Station cook the legendary vegetarian dishes of North and South Indian — taking care with everything, from the selection of the freshest market vegetables, to precise, clean preparation. Traditional cooking makes our Indian food not only colorful and beautiful to behold — but also addictive to the palate.

Vegetarian options have long been a staple of Indian cuisine, for a variety of reasons, religion, price, and the common availability of quality, simple

vegetables. Our traditional dishes reflects this — fresh seasonal vegetables, prepared with love and soul, and cooked to perfection. Check out our online menu and place an order today!


A hallmark of Indian cuisine is the use of spices (or “masala” in Hindi) to create not only heat, but also delectate flavors, fragrances and aromas. You could say spices are the heart of any Indian kitchen. For the heart to function, and the cooking to be at its best, the quality and authenticity of spices is pivotal.

Each spice has its own signature — its own special fragrance and flavor — and the combination of several spices, both compliments individual characteristics, changes them and creates something new and magical. Most spices also have health and medicinal benefits!

Fresh, fast and tasty

Enjoy tasty curries with your family at your home or any beautiful and fun filled place for your

Some facts about us

Our mission is to help you spend quality time with your family by providing you healthy curries  at a best price.

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