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My Curry Station was founded with one idea in mind: to provide homemade, family friendly, vegetarian dishes for take-out at an economical and affordable price.

Being vegetarian is tough nowadays. Planning balanced vegetarian meals for the week, preparing a menu which has variety, planning grocery list and shopping takes time. Yet when you come home from a busy work day you might have children to take care of, or just want a little time to yourself, so preparing a home cooked meal can seem a bit daunting!

Wouldn’t it be refreshing not to have to worry about lunch and dinner and to have great food that’s liked by adults and kids alike, and is ready in the evening after a busy day?

That is what My Curry Station do. We shop and prepare vegetarian curry, chapattis, and meals with fresh and healthy ingredients — so you don’t have to. We don’t compromise on quality for our own family meals and won’t with yours either.

Our mission

There’s never anything better than the aroma of home cooked food. Never more so than Indian vegetarian meals… the mingled scents of fragrant spices and fresh vegetables with herbs simmering. There’s also nothing healthier.

My Curry Station’s mission is to create and provide l amazing home cooked meals that meets the highest standards of quality and freshness — prepared in a traditional way to satisfy your heart and soul. To deliver to you consistent, professional, warm and friendly service. To have everyone talking in a positive and happy way about My Curry Station.


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